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Sex Advice 16 is a place to post serious questions about serious topics.

It's not a place to talk about what raunchy thing you did with your boyfriend last night, or share explicit stories, or promote your web-cam based site...any of these will get your post deleted the first time, and will result in a loss of membership if it happens more than once. We enforce these rules because sexadvice16 is open to all age groups in an effort to keep people aware of the risks, effects, consequences, and health issues involving sex. It's not just doom-and-gloom, either--any question tastefully asked will be answered by other members in a tasteful way.

So the rules are:
1. No explicit or graphic stories or encounters.
2. No advertising unless the advertisement has been pre-approved (requests go here)
3. No drama or harrassment.

If you break these rules once, your post or comment will be deleted. If you break them a second time, you will lose your membership. Sorry to be so strict, but we want a healthy and mature community here.

Your moderaters right now are Fyrefly (fyrefly_nyxa) and myself, Swanmaiden Dechtine (_swanmaiden_). I have to confess this was more of Fyrefly's baby than mine, but we'll both be reading regularly to offer advice and help out. We're also looking for two to four new co-mods (If you're interested in being a co-mod, please read this, and leave a comment), depending on how large the community gets. Please feel free to tell your friends, and to comment on ideas for the community here).

Thanks for wanting to be part of this community.
Your Mods,
Fyre & Dechtine