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Subject:Guys in your late teens, how do you feel about virgins?
Time:11:36 am
I'm asking all this because I'm a virgin (although I'm sure that's obvious and am wondering)

By late teens, I mean 18/19 (please only answer if you are this age). So, I've got some questions:

* If you knew a girl was a virgin, would it put you off sleeping with her? Yes/no? And why?
* If you previously thought a girl was quite experienced, only to find out she was actually a virgin (not because she lied, just what you thought) what would you think of her? Would it be a good or bad reaction?
* If a girl was a virgin, would you want to know?
* Would you prefer a girl who was a virgin or a girl who was experienced?

And anything else you want to add.

Please be completely honest. After all, it's anonymous and I'm asking because I want real, honest answers.

Thanks, x
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Subject:have the oddest conversations in the shower
Time:01:01 pm
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Is it still a pity fuck if the person you're having the pity for is yourself?
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Time:12:25 am
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Okay ladies and gents....
I've got a question.

Is it possible for a virgin to be a freak when it comes to sex or is it not possible?
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Subject:The Skinny on the Female Orgasm
Time:08:32 am
Someone posted these links to answers_on_sex (a great community--usually accepts only members over 18, but I think they started a trial period of accepting younger members--check it out!). Anyway, I thought they could be useful or helpful to everyone, so I'm reposting them here.

How to Recognize an Orgasm ("Signs of the Big O")

The Four Kinds of Orgasm
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Subject:"Other Than Sex"
Time:06:37 pm
Along with my "Risks and Dangers" posts (here), this "Other than Sex" post is pretty popular around some of the advice communtiies I'm involved in. Not only are they alternatives to actually having sex, but if you are currently sexually active, they can intensify the experience.


Other Than Sex
"Romantic activity," or "sexual activity," usually occurs in layers, relying on the partners' mutual comfort levels. It's okay to retrace your steps a bit and mix things up a little--my partner and I often enjoy just kissing or making out, even though we've gone further than that before. The exciting thing is you learn something new everytime.

Most importantly--more importantly than anything otherwise on this list (except possibly the "Risks & Dangers" section at the end) is that you make sure you take note of what your partner enjoys. He or she may like something that I haven't even mentioned, or he/she may not like some of the things--everyone's an individual, feel free to experiment. ^^

The List
The order-of-occurence can vary, but this is a list and description of a few "romantic" activities, from mildest and most innocent to most explicit.

1. Pecks-on-the-cheek

2. Closed-mouth kissing, when lips meet lips

3. Kissing with tongue (or as my best friend calls them, "freaky kisses").

4. "Make-out sessions" usually involve kissing and can be carried out in a wide range of ways, starting with a position where you keep your hands on the waist, shoulders, or around the neck of your partner. You can move your hands up and down over their backs, down their sides and arms, tangle your fingers in their hair or trace patterns on their neck for a slightly more "erotic" feel. Never underestimate the power of a light touch--guys often like the gentle feel of a woman's hands, while ladies like to feel treasured and precious. A harder grip can be pleasing as well, and light scratching is also often a turn-on. Make-out sessions can also include "necking," being "felt up," or "heavy petting."

5. Necking involves the sucking, kissing, or licking of your partner's neck, shoulder, the adjoining area, or collarbone. You can also lick the ear or nibble the earlobe. Light, playful biting is allowed. Though not considered "necking," other forms of kissing are also fun to play around with. Licking or kissing the palm is often considered very erotic. Similarly, the inside of the wrist and elbow are also incredibly sensitive to that kind of stimulation. Other sensitive areas include the nape of the neck, the spine, the base of the spine, behind the knee, the stomach, the ankle, and--yes--the foot. Feel free to use your hands and fingertips in conjunction with your mouth.

6. Being felt up is when your partner touches your upper body int he chest region.. It typically involves stroking, lightly squeezing or pinching, rubbing or massaging the breasts/pectorals and nipples. Typically you do this through the clothes at first--later, as you get more comfortable with your partner, you may allow him/her to put his/her hand up your shirt, over or under your bra, etc. It really depends on what you're comfortable with, and when. You can also take off your shirt/upper body clothing, but that usually doesn't happen till later. (Personally, I thought this felt kind of wierd at first and it didn't really get me turned on, but as I got more used to it, and my partner discovered what I liked, it's become a much-fun activity.)

7. "Necking Extended"...I know. You're like, "Say what?" But I don't really know what to call this stage, but it's when mouth activity and "kisses" extend past the "chaste" areas. Licking, sucking, nibbling extends to the breasts/pectorals, nipples, and chest. Chests and nipples are not sensitive exclusively for women--some guys really like to have their pecs played with. Others don't. The most important thing to do in any of these situations is to take note of what your partner is enjoying.

8. "Heavy petting" is the next stage and involves hand activity below the waistline. Like "being felt up," this can be done with or without clothes. You can feel, stroke, rub, press, or squeeze your partner through his/her pants or undergarments, and he/she can rub or touch you through your own. Grabbing, squeezing, and massaging the buttocks can also be pleasureable. But please, as you go through any of these stages, TAKE NOTE OF WHAT YOUR PARTNER LIKES. Some things may make him or her uncomfortable, just as they might make you uncomfortable. Likewise, many of the things you enjoy he or she will enjoy as well. You can also engage in heavy-petting without clothes. At this point your partner may penetrate you (presuming you are female) with a finger (termed "fingering"). Make sure you let him/her know if you're comfortable with this or not. It may bother you, or make you uncomfortable if you're particularly tight or if he or she is rough. You may bring each other to orgasm during this stage. Though you're not obligated to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, a man with a teased erection can be in a lot of pain, and if you've been petting for a long time it would probably be merciful to "allow" him to orgasm, whether you do it (via a handjob) or he does it himself. (see below for legal information)

9. Then there's the "dry hump." Forgive me for that ridiculous phrase--"dry hump" makes me think of horny Chihauhaus for reasons best left unsaid--but again, I can't think of what else to call it. People define this differently all over the place. To me, it's when someone is rubbing their fully-clothed nether regions against their partner's fully-clothed nether regions, usually in a movement mimicking sex. Some, though few, women can only achieve orgasm this way, because of the clitoral stimulation and the kind of friction afforded by the cloth. (see here for legal and health information).
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Subject:Introductions and Greetings
Time:08:45 pm
Everyone, I'm also ashamed to admit that I've forgotten to introduce you to your new comod. So, Dechtine and I would like to congratulate and welcome beingloud. Thanks for helping us with this community!

smile always,
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Subject:Some Good Sites
Time:08:27 pm
You might wanna check out these sites...they offer a lot of information about all things sexual.


They also all have different styles of presenting their info, so hopefully you find you like one of 'em. ^^ Anybody else have any website suggestions?
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Subject:Risks and Dangers
Time:03:36 pm
Yay! I get to write the first post! Er...hi everyone. ^_^

Those of you who have seen my writing before know that I think it's very very important to get certain information out to people, especially those who plan on waiting for sex. Many so-called "virgins" don't take into account all the aspects of sex. They don't realize what counts as sex by law, what can get you pregnant, what can give you STDs. Recent research shows that teenagers who declare themselves as being abstinent are statistically proven to have more STDs, simply because they don't realize all the ways you can get things (particularly through oral and anal sex), and think that these things don't "count" as sex. I'm pretty sure you're all intelligent enough to understand these things, and I think you would take the proper precautions, like making sure your significant other is free of STDs. But just in case, I'm gonna post this one more time.

Risks & Dangers

Heavy petting, particularly fingering, is regarded by most courts and law as "penetration of an orifice," which means that if your partner is underage, you can be held accountable for statuatory rape.

The Dry Hump (forgive me, I absolutely hate that word, but I can't think of anything else to call it) can also be legally construed as sexual activity, which again means that if your partner is underage, you can be held accountable for statuatory rape. Furthermore, if a man ejaculates while dry-humping with a woman, any semen that gets anywhere near her vagina can cause pregnancy or spread an STD. Yes, sperm can penetrate cotton, denim, so on and so forth. Though it's unlikely, it is something to be aware of.

Dry sex is when your partner actually penetrates you through clothing, like your undergarments (to some people, this is the "dry hump," but I differentiate). Make no mistake, this is vaginal pentration, it is sex, it can result in pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It will be considered sexual penetration in a court of law and thus you can be held accountable for counts like statuatory rape if your partner is underage.

Oral sex is where you take your partner's member into your mouth and orally stimulate him, or he/she orally stimulate you between your legs. This is something that I don't personally consider sex in a mental or moral sense. HOWEVER, it is considered sexual penetration by law, and it can also result in some serious STDs.

Vaginal sex is self-explanatory, I think. Just know that the pull-out method is known to be very very very unreliable because of the sperm in the precum; i.e., if a couple were to get carried away and have sex and the male "pulled out" of the vagina before actual ejaculation, there's still a very good chance that sperm has already been transmitted and the female could be impregnated. Also, STDs are spread easily through these means. The Pill and the Shot can protect against pregnancy, but not STDs, so it's always best to use a condom. Even when on a form of birth control, using some other form of protection is advisable in order to further decrease your risk of pregnancy. Obviously, this would also count as sexual penetration in a court of law.

Anal sex is also pretty self-explanatory. It's considered sex by law, obviously. It's dangerous because again, there's a very very very high chance of transmitting STDs as well as other infections, and there's a chance of doing serious damage to the "receiving" party's rectum. The number of infections and physical problems that can occur in the "plumbing" of regular anal-sex recipients is quite high.

All these things legally count as sexual activity, and many of them are considered--religiously and morally--to be "sex" as well...i.e., if you've had anal sex, you're probably not considered a virgin anymore. I think that's it's very important that people be aware of these things, particularly young people, because they seem to take unneccesary risks sometimes. I'll probably be back later to post my "Other Than Sex" novel-long post. ^^
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